Pressed Juicery

Giving (just a little bit) into the Juicing Craze at Pressed Juicery’s Grand Opening

“greens 3” and “coconut cinnamon”


Pressed Juicery opened a new location in the Americana at Brand in Glendale today. Not yet caught up in the juicing craze that seems to have taken over Los Angeles, I have had limited juicing experiences but figured this grand opening was a good time to check it all out. To celebrate the Americana storefront’s debut, Pressed Juicery gave away free full sized bottles of pressed juice and even more exciting, free juice freezes.

I tried the “greens” freeze while my Mom chose the “roots” freeze. Both were refreshing and surprisingly smooth despite their dairy free ingredients. The “greens” freeze had just the right amount of citrus (it’s not entirely clear to me which of the 5 green juices were frozen to make this treat but several versions contain lemon so that’s probably it) to kick up the flavor from being too, well, green. As a kid I really liked green juices that contained pineapple (how my parents got me to try green juice and actually like it, as a toddler, I’m not sure I understand, but it’s a flavor profile that’s stuck with me). The “roots” freeze was slightly sweeter and had a kick of ginger to liven things up. Alone, I’d probably stick with the “greens” but if I had my druthers I’d pair the two side by side as they played off of each other nicely.

For our juices, we chose the “greens 3” with: kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon & ginger, or what I suspect I had in frozen form and the “coconut cinnamon” with: coconut meat, coconut water and cinnamon which tasted like a healthy horchata (another childhood favorite, come to think of it).

Making just about anything FREE makes it at least 100% more exciting but I can honestly say I plan to go back and try Pressed Juicery again for a standard purchase. Will I be handing over $199 for a 3 day juice cleanse? Probably not. I fear I’d be too cranky without solid food (as it is I’m eating popcorn while writing this post, less than an hour after my freeze)! As an admitted frozen yogurt addict, though, I can definitely see substituting the freezes for froyo and feeling great about having a more natural dessert. Looking at the menu, there are a bunch more flavors like vanilla and chocolate that I’d love to try. Pressed Juicery is certainly worth a try. I’ll be curious to know what you think.

Pressed Juicery at the Americana at Brand


“greens” freeze







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