Philz Coffee I ❤️ You


Philz Coffee, I ❤️ you so much more than I ever thought possible. Starting out the 3 day weekend with a morning walk with Mom, I noticed people through the window of Pasadena’s new Philz Coffee location. Could it have opened without me noticing? With a few 70+ work weeks under my belt at the hospital, it seemed quite possible. Telling Mom she had to try the coffee I’d previously flown out of town for, we walked through the door to find ourselves not in a newly opened store but in the middle of the Philz executive board meeting planning the store’s opening! Mortified, we apologized and started to back away but before the words “I’m so sorry!” could exit my lips, the CEO himself had welcome us in and Daniel, one of the leadership team beckoned us to the counter and began making us perfect cups of Tesoro. I was so impressed and touched I sat myself right down outside and wrote this post while drinking my perfectly crafted cup of coffee. Philz, you’ve won a fan for life. Friends, please check out this location when they officially launch on June 2nd. You can register for their soft opening at